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Scope of the Journal

International Journal of Agriculture, Soil & Environment

The International Journal of Agriculture, Soil & Environment is a multidisciplinary open access journal which focuses on publishing novel and quality research articles. The Journal enables free access to its contents, which attracts more readers and citation.

The study of Agriculture relates to the study of soil and environment. Agriculture is a broad field of research in which cultivation, plant breeding and animal husbandry are included. The major topics of research are Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Production, Energy Agriculture, Irrigation and Water management, Agricultural Diversification, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Forestry, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agro climatology, Tissue Culture, Plant Culture, Aquaculture, Farming, Toxicology and Waste management.

Soil science includes the study of Soil physics, Soil chemistry, Soil biology, Agrology, Plant Breeding, Soil and Environmental Sciences and Agricultural genetic.

Environmental science focuses on diverse topics such as Aquatic Sciences, Energy Resources and Conservation, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Environmental Economics, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Physics, Environmental Toxicology, Nature Conservation - Biodiversity, Pollution and Remediation, Global Change, Climate Change, Monitoring, Environmental Analysis – Monitoring and Sustainable Development.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Paolo Sabbatini

Michigan State University, USA

Dr. Darshan Sharma

Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA)

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Research Topics

• Agricultural Production
• Irrigation and water management
• Soil biology
• Agrology
• Plant Breeding
• Environmental Biology
• Environmental Economics
• Environmental Engineering

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International Journal of Agriculture, Soil & Environment

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