Dr. Pang Xiao-Feng

Dr. Pang Xiao-Feng |Clyto Access

UESTC, Sichuan


Expertise: Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Materials Science, Biomaterials


Dr. Pang Xiao-Feng is Physical and Biophysical professor, Doctorate Adviser, National excellent expert of science and technology of China. From 1982-84, he served as a Researcher in Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing and Institute of Solid State Physics at Sichuan Normal University from 1985-87. From 1988-98, he worked as a Professor in Physics Dept. at Inst of Southwest Nationalities, Chengdu. He was a Prof & Doctorate Adviser at Inst of Life Sc & Techy and High-Energy Electronics, Univ of Electronic Sc & Techy of China, Sichuan in 1999. From 1993-2000, he was a Visiting Prof at Sichuan Univ (Chengdu), Munchen Univ (Germany) and International Inst of Biological Physics (Germany) from 1994-1995, Inst of Physics in Slovak Academy of Scs and Palacky Univ (Czech Republic) 1996, Kaiserslautern Univ. (Germany) and International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Italy) 1998, East China Normal Univ, Shanghai 1999-2000, National Univ of Singapore 2002-2003,2008 and Hong Kong Uni.02/2010. He was a Member of New York Academy of Scs, American Asscn for Advancement of Sc, Chinese Centre of Advanced Sc & Techy, International Centre of Material Physics in Chinese Academy of Scs; publs—Solitons (1987). He has published about 400 articles in journals in abroad and home. The theory of bio-energy transport in protein molecules and its experimental evidences were built and done, about 60 articles have been published in journals in abroad and home and 6 monographs: - Theory of Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics (Chinese, 1994), Soliton Physics (Chinese, 2003), Quantum Mechanics in Nonlinear Systems (2005) and water, molecular structure and properties (2013) (English) (World Science. Publish. Co. in Singapore), nonlinear quantum mechanics (2009) (Chinese), nonlinear quantum mechanics (2012-12) (English) (LAP Lambert Pub.Co. in Germany), nonlinear quantum mechanics and its applications (2015-03) and biological energetic (2016-12-15) (English) (Nova Publishin Co.) and proton transfer in hydrogen-bonded systems (English, 2013, LAP Lambert Pub.) and also published 3 books on Biological Physics (Chinese) (2007), Molecular Biophysics (Chinese) (2006) and Biological Electromagnetics (Chinese) (2009) were published. He got an Awards Excellent Articles Prize, Sichuan Province & Chengdu City 1991, 2nd Degree Prize of State Advancement of Sc & Techy 1993, 1st Degree Prize of Advancement of Sc & Techy 1996, 3rd & 2nd Degree Prizes of Sichuan Province Advancement of Sc & Techy 2000 & 2005 respectively.

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