Dr. Lawrence Paul

Dr. Lawrence Paul |Clyto Access

AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies, USA


Expertise: Dental quality management, Health prevention, Network management, Program development, Provider contracting, Utilization management


Dr. Lawrence Paul is the Corporate Dental Director for AmeriHealth Caritas with responsibility for managing all clinical dental programs, and strategic oversight in creating a dental program clinically integrating dental health and Physical health. Dr. Paul earned his B.A. degrees in Science and History from Pennsylvania State University, an M.S. and a D.D.S. from Temple University School of Dentistry, PA. He also successfully completed General Dentistry Residency at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Martinsburg, WV. Dr. Paul has an extensive and varied background in the dental industry, including as a partner in a consulting practice, in leadership positions in several established national dental practice Management companies, and as a dentist for many years in private practice. He previously served as National Dental Director and Head of Network Management for over 10 years at Aetna US Healthcare.

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